Transmission Replacement

Quality Transmission Replacement Services

  • Does your transmission jerk or slip between shifts?
  • Is it difficult to shift into higher gears?
  • Do you experience 1 second or more delay to engage in reverse or drive?
  • Do you see metallic particles in the bottom of the oil pan?
  • Is there burnt smelling transmission fluid that is dark in color?
  • Do you hear whining, clunking or humming noises?
If you answered 'yes' to at least 2 questions, you definitely need to have your transmission checked. In some cases, your transmission just needs repair and service. However, if the repair does not solve the problem, transmission replacement might be necessary. Visit Topeka Transmission Service today!

Transmission Replacement Options

Remanufactured transmission parts
It is a used transmission part that has been restored to top-notch condition and standards of the original equipment manufacturer. The transmission part is usually restored by the manufacturer.

Contact us for the availability of the remanufactured transmission part that's perfect for your vehicle.

Rebuilt transmission parts
We can replace your worn out transmission parts only when needed. Components that still function do not need replacement.

Used transmission parts
We have used transmission parts in good condition that could cost you less. This is ideal forshort-term usage.
Transmission Replacement

Let Us Take Care of Your Transmission System

Transmissions are complex units that contain numerous mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components. Due to their complexity and parts that affect the function of the other parts, they often fail earlier than engines. Taking care of your vehicle extends its longevity.

To ensure overall safety and a good driving experience, do not delay your vehicle's transmission repair or replacement. Call us to get FREE estimates today!
Visit us to get remanufactured or rebuilt transmission!
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Do you know?
City driving could wear your transmission faster than when driving on a highway because your transmission experiences wear every time you shift gears.
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